We hope you find all the information you need to help you. In the event you need more information contact Pastor Greg hench at 717 448-1009 or email at


Tuesdays 6-8:00

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Click the video below to meet Pastor Greg and take a little tour:

Click the video above for a little tour.


HOW MANY CAN YOU GET IN THE BIG TIRE AT OCMD? You definitely have to check out this crazy video of how many of us crammed into the BIG tire on the OCMD Boardwalk


Any Student in 6th-12th grade. We are mix of Boiling Springs, Big Spring and Carlisle Students and occasionally others as well including homeschool and cyber schoolers.


We often have gym time and hang out time for those who don’t like to play the games. We like Dodgeball, and Ultimate Can Jam. (We invented it) Our lessons consist of Bible learning, Real life talks, group discussions, singing and snacks.


Pastor Greg… Hi. I have been around here since 2003. You do the math. Yeah I’m pretty old but the kids tell me I act and seem way younger. There’s plenty of gray on top. I have been working with teens for 30 plus years. I have lived in the greater Carlisle area all my life, I love sports, still play some when my elbow doesn’t hurt and have done a lot of volleyball coaching. I’ve been married since 1988, have two kids and two grand daughters. I love working with and helping teens. I’ve seen a lot of change in the 30 plus years I have been involved with teens and kids.

***John Griggs… I will make him write something about himself. But I will say, Good guy. Good heart. John was one of our kids that came to us in about 9th grade. He is a graduate of Shippensburg University and has been very helpful and loyal.
***Megan Baughman… I will make her write something too. But I will say the way she became a leader was because she went picking vegetables one Monday night several years ago and was instantly loving being with the kids.
*** Amy Morrison… Amy is funny and loves to laugh. She is the kind of lady that when you get around her she just makes life a bit better.
*** Pam Cook… Pam is kind of like the grandma of the leaders. She is very relatable and can offer great advice to kids.
***Becky Barclay… She’s somewhere between a motherly figure and the sweet grandma type. She relates to the girls in such a great way and is so loving and kind.
***Melissa Brandt… I have absolutely nothing good to say about her. Just kidding. Another wonderful motherly like example to the kids. Patient and kind. She’s been through a lot and uses her story to help our kids as they create their own stories
***Lisa Whatshername… I know. Thats a crazy last name. She’s in the witness protection plan so we can’t tell you her real last name. Kush. Yeah. It’s Kush.
*** Linda Cheskey… Linda is a retired school bus driver and just a great lady to have around.


*Our Official Address is 705 Glendale Street (but that is actually at the back of the property)
*Our Main Entrance is across the street Belvedere Medical Center. 850 Walnut Bottom Rd Carlisle PA 17013.
*From Boiling Springs/Mechanicsburg: Take Rt 81 South to College Street Exit and the church is visible from the bottom of the ramp.
*From Newville: Take Rt 81 North to College street exit. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp then turn left on to Royer Rd. (NOTE: DO NOT TURN BACK ON TO RT 81 SOUTH RAMP)

We have a very active youth program here at Carlisle First Church of God for students in 6th-12th grade. Our youth group, THE EDGE CREW, meets weekly on Tuesdays during the school year. During the summer we are VERY active in the community whether picking up trash on the streets of Carlisle, in the back alleys of Ashland PA or in the Yellow Breeches Creek in Boiling Springs orrrrrrr you can also finding us picking something else in Shippensburg. We like to pick all kinds of produce at farms for Project Share on many Monday evenings.

When things are normal we do weekend getaways for both the middle schoolers and the high schoolers to Ocean City Maryland where we attend amazing conferences called BreakAway and Thrive.

We also raise money each year to build homes in Haiti. Through the years we have given enough to build about 5 homes and a church now. We also sell discount cards for local businesses in the greater Carlisle area and that’s the money we use to build the homes in Haiti as well as help people here in the US as well.

We also raise money doing car washes for different ministries. We generally raise about $600 for each one.

THE REVOLUTION CREW DRAMA TEAM (currently on hold but something we are looking at for the future.)

Pastor Greg leads the Revolution Crew.

Click this link to see SET ME FREE

One of our main themes is HOPE.

Carley doing a Spoken Word Poem.
SET ME FREE is quite possibly the most powerful drama we do.

A number of THE EDGE CREW are also a part of the REVOLUTION drama team. We do some dramas to music, some just acting and Spoken Word Poetry is becoming a popular thing with us. Our goal is to offer HOPE when we perform, sharing real life struggles in our dramas and in our words we share. Our slogan is “WE’LL PERFORM FOR FOOD but if you can’t afford to give us food, we will still perform.” One of our goals for summer is to do board walk performances at OCMD. (Maybe Bethany beach and Rehobeth also) We currently have reservations for this fun, adventurous endeavor and we hope that Covid doesn’t try to ruin it again for us.


Doubling Gap Center is just above Newville, on the mountain. This is where our denomination owns and operates Camp Yolijwa. (Don’t bother trying to pronounce it.) Our camp offers week-long camping experiences for 4th-12 grade and shorter camps for younger children. We even host camps for adults and those with special needs. You can see videos and get more information at .