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We all know the joy we get out of a good story or satisfaction of learning something new. Below you will find the catalogs of books available to you in your Church Library:

  1. “Cooking” contains various Christian cookbooks including those perpared by other church groups.
  2. “DVD” provides a collection of Christian movies and programs for study.
  3. “Elementary has books appropriate for both preschool and elementary years.
  4. “Family Studies” provides books for those interested in a better understanding of the Christian living without the deep study associated with a concept. These books are alphabetized by the book’s author.
  5. “Fiction” is shelved by the author. Book series by author are grouped together.
  6. “Puzzle” is just that.
  7. “Reference” is for extended and deeper Biblical studies.
  8. “Teen” provides both fiction and nonfiction books for this age group.

In order to search for a book on the website, you may choose a specific catalog by opening the pull down window and then clicking on the catalog heading of your choice. Or, you may search for what you want by either typing in the book title or the book author. The come into the library, pick up your selection to take out for three weeks or curl up with it in one of the soft overstuffed chairs. To take the book out, simply follow the directions printed on the “return books” box found in the library. So…do drop in and enjoy your book.

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1272.When Mothers Pray
Fuller: Cheri
1274.When Your Rope Breaks
Brown: Stephen
1275.Who Am I
Wiersbe: Warren
1276.Who Says God Created…
Ridenour: Fritz
1277.Wide My World Narrow My Bed
Swindoll: Luci
1278.Woman Jesus Can Teach: A
Mathews: Alice
1279.Go Tell It on the Mountain
O'Neal: Debbie
1280.Words of Wisdom
Marple: Joy
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